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Tip the Artist / Tattoo Tickets

Tip the Artist / Tattoo Tickets

I'm honoured that you would consider tipping me for my work.


Other ways to tip:


For tattoos:

If you'd like to use my art as tattoo designs, my recommended tip is $20 to $60 <3 This grants you a single use access for anything in my social media or website gallery to use as tattoo reference.

This does not include any physical or digital ticket item, but if required you can DM me on Instagram after payment and I will respond with verbal permission that you can show to your artist :)

I also ask that your tattoo artist credits me on social media as the source of inspiration, should they post it.

*Note: I do not provide high resolution files of my work, as to protect myself from impersonation. This ticket is for use of one image found on this site or on my Instagram as references for your tattoo artist <3

About the Artist

Dionne Ong is a mixed-race Asian Canadian artist whose work provokes and challenges her viewers' connection with nature, infinity, and self-love.

She has an 'every day' practice, most notably publishing 261 unique illustrations in 2021.

"It's so easy to see the magic in Mother Nature and animals, and deem them worthy of love. And yet, we struggle to allow ourselves to be worthy of love- despite being part of nature. The purpose of my work has always been to connect you to your magic."

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