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I'm honoured that you would consider tipping me for my work. I never expect folks to pay to engage with my work. My art is an expression and a way to communicate my feelings out to the world- and I believe in that experience being free. It's a gift to have you as part of my community alone. <3

All that said, I work hard to produce new 5 pieces a week while working a full time job, and if you feel the performance enhances your life and brings you joy worthy of financial expression, you can choose from the options above and I will be forever grateful.

Other ways to tip:

If you're interested in using my work as tattoo reference, check out the Tattoo Ticket item.

Paper Quality

- Gallery quality satin finish, halfway between matte and glossy
- Luxurious paper weight of 352gsm
- Machine cut edges
- Resistant to fingerprints and scuffing

Environmental Impact

All my prints are Forest Management Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

My work is printed on paper that has come from a forest which has been evaluated and certified as being managed according to the correct social, economic and environmental standards.

About the Artist

Dionne Ong is a mixed-race Asian Canadian artist whose work provokes and challenges her viewers' connection with nature, infinity, and self-love.

She has an 'every day' practice, most notably publishing 261 unique illustrations in 2021.

"It's so easy to see the magic in Mother Nature and animals, and deem them worthy of love. And yet, we struggle to allow ourselves to be worthy of love- despite being part of nature. The purpose of my work has always been to connect you to your magic."

Dionne Ong
  • Robust gallery paper

    Ultra thick gallery quality print will last a lifetime on your walls

  • Delicate and Fine Details

    Impossible to showcase on social media, print captures *everything*

  • Edge to Edge Print

    Get the most out of your frame- beautiful with or without a mat

  • Affordable Hanging Options

    Thick prints look great in magnetic poster hangers- available easily online for under $20

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