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heirloom quality .925 silver. each piece hand made to order with love in Australia. comes with numbered certificate of authenticity.

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March 31st 2023

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What is the meaning of a ring?

The hands, intricate little machines, clockwork creations of tiny tendon and bones.

You see them every day, more than you see your very own eyes.

Yet, some days I look down at my hands and hardly recognize them. This mortal dance we are all caught up in together, displayed like a streak across my memory made from variations of fingers and skin.

I remember a child's hands. I can see the creases of my experience in life forming at the knuckles. I think about my mother's hands. My grandmother's hands. What is the meaning of a ring?

I feel my skull split open to reveal another version of myself.

The moon rattles and turns through her cycles like roulette as grief pours from my eyes in the form of flowers. I have lost, and I will lose again. I am coming to understand that life is a series of losses, ending with the loss of my very beloved body. Change is ceaseless. I cry out as it drags me down the river.

Now comes the wolf. Ears perked for wounded sound.

The wolf reminds me that I am not alone, the way she calls to the moon.

The wicked beauty of tooth and matted fur. The way her pack calls back to her. Wild, wild, wild. I am reminded that in this coiling celestial transit the one thing we have is each other.

I hold hands with my past selves as we transform under lunar influence.
I know we are here to shift form, shed skin, dance in the moonlight, and howl together through our tears.

The Wolf.

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This too shall pass

Maybe this is why we connect so deeply to the howling of the wolf. She is mournful, completely wild, whole, as she bellows out in to the night. Not out of fear, but in a great exhale.

Her voice is joined by the cacophony of her community and soon the forest is alive in rapture.

A ring that represents the wild, turning, and often contradictory sensation of being alive. A reminder of our beautiful temporariness.

A reminder of our layers.

A reminder of our grief.

A reminder of our loyalty.

The Wolf.