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Adopt Skullie!

Limited Edition
20 inches nose to tail
Glows in the dark
Loves you
We need 200 adoptions to fund the project
Event ends Dec 3

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Will you give Skullie a warm bed to lay in?

I am so thrilled to announce little Skullie's second plushie design. It has been, and continues to be, an honor to create for this community. If you'd like to learn more about the plush, I've included some information below. Thank you so much for reading!

  • A Friend to Cozy Up With

    Snuggle on your couch, bed, or as a lap pet for your desk, Skullie is the perfect size for resting your tired head or arms- and she loves the attention!

  • Adorable Embroidered Details

    Intricate and beautiful embroidery on her mushrooms, skull details, and toe beans.

  • Mystical Glow

    Her head will glow for several minutes after being exposed to bright light! No black light or batteries required!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Skullie?

Skullie is a friendly forest spirit, a memory of a memory descended from the first dog-folk of ancient woods long since gone. She is a reminder that the cycle of life and death doesn't need to be frightening; in fact it is truly benevolent and maybe even a lot less serious than we make it out to be! 

Skullie is a regularly featured character in the episodic Webtoon 'Skullie the Forest Spirit' where she adventures with her companion Sunbunny through the forest of lost souls.

Read Skullie the Forest Spirit

Why do I need to leave your site to purchase her?

The lovely folks at Makeship will be handling all the shipping and quality assurance associated with creating this plushie. Since I work full time on top of my art practice, this is the best and only way I can make sure Skullie reaches you!

I have approved a sample for quality control after 5+ rounds of revisions- and could not be happier with how she looks and feels.<3

How long will Skullie be available?

Skullie will only be available for 21 days, starting on Nov 13th 2022

Does she... glow?

Yes! Like most spooky spirits, Skullie has a phosphorescent effect on her skull. Her soft plush fabric has glow in the dark fibers woven directly in to it, and she will glow for several minutes after being exposed to bright light! No black light or batteries required!

What goes in to the cost?

Skullie is not a mass-produced plushie! This means her construction will be significantly higher quality (and larger) than comparably priced and detailed plushies found in the mass market. <3

The cost helps cover:
- Special fabric and manufacturing
- Embroidery
- Artist royalties
- Website costs
- Facilitation and project management

A letter from the artist

I want to extend my thanks to you, for being such a wonderful supporter of my work.

Three years ago, I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that Skullie would be a plushie. Soft toys have always been such a comfort to me, since childhood. This is a deeply meaningful project, as all my plush projects will be in the future. I'm astounded by your kindness and thankful for this opportunity.

It's interesting, I remember very vividly all the moments I almost quit making art, and all the times I started back up again. How losing myself and finding myself seem like part of a grander cycle.

Skullie represents this, in a way. We will spend our lives having so many little deaths. She is a reminder that things aren't as scary or dire as they seem, that we always find ourselves at the end of the tunnel, that life is beautiful and tender, and that goodbyes are not forever.

I hope Skullie can remind you of this too- that you are going to be okay. That all of this is fleeting. That it's meant to be fun, that you are loved.

happy howling,

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