Skullie the Forest Spirit Plush

Skullie is sold out!


I'm so very thrilled to announce my first plushie release ever! In collaboration with the lovely folks at Makeship, I've spent the last several months working on and revising little Skullie. Her design features glow in the dark fabric, fully embroidered skull detailing, and adorable mushrooms and vine appliques <3


Who is Skullie?

Skullie is a friendly forest spirit, a memory of a memory descended from the first dog-folk of ancient woods long since gone. She is a reminder that the cycle of life and death doesn't need to be frightening; in fact it is truly benevolent and maybe even a lot less serious than we make it out to be! 

Does she... glow?

Yes! Like most spooky spirits, Skullie has a phosphorescent effect. Her soft plush fabric has glow in the dark fibers woven directly in to it, and she will glow for several minutes after being exposed to bright light! No black light or batteries required!


How long will Skullie be available?

Skullie will only be available for 21 days, starting on Feb 7th 2022, and while supplies last. This is for several reasons, but most importantly to me, it is the an environmentally sound way to produce plushies with no surplus! You can adopt her by clicking this link


Why do I need to leave your site to purchase her?

The lovely folks at Makeship will be handling all the shipping and quality assurance associated with creating this plushie. Since I work full time on top of my art practice, this is the best and only way I can make sure Skullie reaches you! I have, of course, approved a sample for quality control and could not be happier with how she looks and feels. She is an art doll, and her mushrooms and vines wont stand up to rough play or machine washing very well- she is tender in body and heart. <3

Can I see more photos of Skullie?

My pleasure!