Hibernacula 2022

Download a printer-friendly prompt list here


What is Hibernacula?

Hibernacula is an art challenge taking place in October and written by artist Dionne Ong. It is about coming together as a community to create different artistic interpretations of the same prompts. It represents diversity, discipline, and the energy of the autumn harvest.

Is there a prize or winners?

No. Hibernacula is a challenge, not a contest; and supports the idea of artists detaching from their inner critic to create art outside of the boundaries of their preconceived quality benchmarks. Everyone who participates is a winner!

Do I need to do all the prompts?

No, but please try to post on the correct day signified in the prompts list for your chosen prompt. This challenge is about community, not pushing yourself. That being said, choosing to show discipline can help with self-esteem! 

Can I add to the subject matter?

Yes, for example, if the subject is Fox- you can use your interpretation of 'Fox' plus any additional environment, animals, or props needed to convey the theme in your special way.

What art forms are allowed?

All art forms are welcome, from interpretive dance to photography- but visual artists may have the easiest time with the style of prompts given.

How do I submit my art?

Simply post your artwork to your social media account and use the hashtags #hibernacula and #hibernacula2022

Where does the name Hibernacula come from?

From Latin, meaning “winter dwellings.”

A place in which a creature seeks refuge, such as a bear using a cave to overwinter, the burrow of a woodchuck, for a cozy caterpillar cocoon attached to a wintry twig, and for the spot in which a frog has buried itself in the mud.

I named this art challenge after the sensation of preparing for the Winter; an important season of reflection, community, and art.


Download a printer-friendly version here